About The Engine

Where Ideas Become Actions

The spirit of our space was originally inspired by the innovation, creativity, and audacious problem-solving borne out of the 1930s. Talk about overcoming obstacles and making change happen! Even the constraints of the Great Depression could not stifle the creative spirit of the great innovators of the day.

Turbo Jet Inspired

When designing our meeting space and the outcomes we wanted to facilitate for our clients and guests, we were inspired by the designers of the turbo jet engine. That invention changed the world, enabling more efficient long-distance travel and promoting new ways of experiencing and understanding other cultures.

Human Energy

Just as jet engines convert fuel into energy, the engine by Ankura provides the setting to convert human fuel into the energy required for transformational and sustainable change.

Our Event Spaces

Start your story at one of the engine’s flexible room plans that can be configured to meet your diverse needs. Our suite of services is designed to support you in creating and executing high-impact meetings and events.

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Photo of The Chassis - A Nashville Meeting Event Space