the engine

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you host parties, wedding receptions, weddings, etc.?
the engine is a corporate meeting space available Monday through Friday. We are not currently hosting private personal events or receptions.

Do you have parking?
We have approximately 100 parking spots at no additional cost.

What does the space include?
We try to have all supplies that may be needed during your time in the engine. Most of our walls are whiteboard walls, which is great for brainstorming sessions and creative thinking. We provide flip charts, markers, sticky notes, dots, and a variety of other collaboration supplies. When you book, we will discuss your meeting plans and how we can stock the room to best serve your needs!

Do you have A/V capabilities?
Each room is equipped with a projector and projection screen. We have cameras that allow for hybrid meetings, along with microphones, remote control clickers, and HMDI wall hookups for both Windows and Mac computers.

Can we bring our own food and beverage?
the engine crew handles all food and beverage needs so that is one less thing for you to worry about. We have a pre-set menu to choose from as well as the option to order fully customized meals or snacks.