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  • Transformational Change
  • Real Conversations
  • Breakthrough Thinking
  • Strategy that Works
  • Innovation that Creates Value
  • Alignment that Creates Momentum

Make your meetings and events count.

If it’s real change you want, you need to start with a change of scene. From our beautiful, fully-equipped space and adaptable room plans to our commitment to exceptional experiences, your team will have everything they need to create lasting impact. the engine fueled by Ankura—a collaboration center where teams come to make change happen.

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Find out why Nashville is the go-to creative hub where businesses around the globe come to get things done.

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Where teams come to create, plan and execute

the engine fueled by Ankura is a collaboration center intentionally designed as a place where teams come to create, plan and execute what’s next—whether it is developing growth strategies, creating new products, services and business models, having difficult conversations, making critical decisions, gaining team alignment, or establishing executable action plans. It also happens to be a great place to hold fun, memorable events.

  • Audio/Visual

  • Food & Beverage

  • Event Setup

To ensure you have a seamless event experience, each room is equipped with the latest technology, including: sound system, screen, projector, laptop remotes, conference phones/Skype, Wi-Fi, music/white noise capability, writeable walls, flipcharts and facilitation supplies.

Fuel your team with great food and beverage from breakfast through end-of-day wine and beer receptions. the engine is connected with unique, local caterers and restaurants. We will customize menus to suit your particular needs and budget.

the engine retains a comprehensive inventory of tables, chairs, linens and other items needed for typical meetings and events. Any special requests? Just let us know, and we’ll make it happen.


Change doesn't happen in a vacuum

From our beautiful, fully equipped space, adaptable room plans, seamless food and beverage service, and our commitment to exceptional experiences, the engine will become your place of choice for meetings and events that matter.


Space 600

This creative collaboration space provides a turnkey experience with 6 rooms, flexible set-ups, the latest in technology, and accommodations for groups of 2 to 250+.


Design 600

Our team of expert event planners will design your meeting or event from start to finish—from developing the agenda, acquiring speakers, entertainment, food/beverage, and more—ensuring lasting impact and results.


Catalysts 600

Ankura’s expert facilitators will work with your team to design a session that will push your team to think differently, challenge the status quo, solve complex changes, and innovate in new and different ways. Sample facilitated sessions include:

  • Mission, vision, values definition
  • Visioning (company, functional area, initiative)
  • Growth strategies development
  • High stakes decision-making
  • Creative problem-solving/ ideation
  • Business process mapping and redesign
  • Team and relationship building
  • Prioritization
  • Goal-setting & planning
  • 100-day planning
  • Initiative roadmap development


It’s often said that the greatest feats of innovation happen in the greatest time of need.

Six years ago, our leadership left our offices to wallow in what was next for c3/consulting. with a spark of inspiration—the engine was born.

We wanted a creative, collaborative, and comfortable space where teams could meet to get critical things done. Let’s face it, our typical day-to-day environments don’t usually encourage true breakthroughs.

How did the engine get its name?

Despite the constraints of the Great Depression, people found a way to create, innovate, and solve complex problems with big, audacious ideas.

A perfect example of 1930’s innovation is the development of the turbo jet engine.

The first patent for the turbo jet engine was applied for in 1930. If you’ve ever been in our space and seen the black sliding door in the lobby, you’ve seen our nod to the 1930’s above it. While the jet engine was one of many inventions of its time, its significance cannot be overstated. Giving people the ability to travel longer distances and more efficiently than ever before, its emergence forever changed the way people would interact, experience other cultures, and understand the world. engines convert fuel into energy; we convert human fuel into the energy necessary to deliver and sustain transformational change.

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Thus, the engine was born.

the engine—where teams come to make change happen.

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“You moved us forward three months in two hours.”
“It was amazing to be in such a creative environment. My team was able to think bigger and broader about the future.”
“We were finally able to make a critical decision that we’ve been discussing for over a year. It will make all the difference for our company.”
“If you want to have a meeting, this is THE place to have it. From the aesthetics backed up by the whole experience: the food, the service, the location, the staff – everything blew me away.”


why Nashville is the place for
Breakthrough thinking

“This new hub for the creative class and business is accessible to many, yet away from it all.”The New York Times
“Nashville has long embraced its history as well as the newcomer looking to make a mark. And whether in music or in food, the new is informed by the old.”The New York Times
“Nashville, Tennessee moves beyond its country roots and embraces a new, multifaceted role as one of our country’s leading arts-and-entertainment cities.”American Way
“In my week here I’ve discovered a group of artisans rooted in Southern traditions, each tackling his or her thing—be it food, fashion, or music—in a fresh, inspiring way. I’ve seen a place that embodies New South cool, mixing country and city, high and low.”Bon Appetit
“A Gallup poll ranked it in the top five regions for job growth. A national entrepreneurs’ group called it one of the best places to begin a technology start-up. Critics admire its growing food scene. GQ magazine declared it simply ‘Nowville.’”The New York Times
“Nashville was voted the Friendliest City in America. And let’s be honest, we’re not surprised. Nashville has music to fill your soul, BBQ to fill your belly, a fun nightlife and undeniable Southern charm.”The Huffington Post
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2963 Sidco Dr Suite 101
Nashville, TN 37204




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